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Ultraviolet (UV) Shoe Sanitizers / Deodorizer - kill germs fungi

Ultraviolet (UV) Shoe Sanitizers / Deodorizer - kill germs fungi

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Brand New Ultraviolet (UV) Shoe Sanitizers

Kills germs that cause foot odor and athlete’s feet!


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Includes 2 shoe UV sanitizers and 1 universal AC adapter


Product Description


Medical research shows that: UVC can effectively kills a variety of common pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi. It can specially kills the foot bacteria which are difficult to be killed with Conventional methods, such as Trichophyton, various Candida, mold. The sterilization rate of UVC can reaches more than 99%. This portable shoes UV-sterilizer is a sterilization device products based on GMY' S UV technology in the professional producing the high quality quartz UV germicidal lamp over 10 years old. This product has been protected with patent.

Sterilization & disinfection principle:

  • UV Sterilization technology; ultraviolet radiation of 253. 7nm wavelength directly penetrate microbial cell membranes, destroy DNA or RNA structure of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, break molecular bond of their nucleic acid, so that pathogens can not reproduce or be death immediately for the sterilization purposes.
  • ozone sterilization technology; ozone has strong oxidizing, can alters the cell permeability through the oxidation of cell membrane structure, so it can kills the pathogens.


All kinds of shoes with cabin such as leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, cloth shoes, children shoes, boots shoes, skating shoes, etc.

Unique Features:

  • Super intensity ultraviolet sterilization; UVC 253.7nm radiation intensity from bulb is more than 2000~W/cm2, and kills all bacteria, fungi, viruses and so on.
  • Ozone sterilization: ozone from bulb spreads to all corner of the shoes cavity and causes the whole space sterilization.
  • Deodorization and drying:  After the killing of various pathogens , it clears the smelly odor in shoes. In the sterilization process, the heat from bulb will dry the shoes with a certain extent.
  • Green and high efficiency: pure physical sterilization method, no secondary pollution. For15 minutes working. the sterilization rate is 99.9%.
  • Long lifetime and easy maintenance: Bulb lifetime is 8000hours, Unique designed bulb with screw socket can be replaced easily.
  • CE certified.
Adapter100-240VAC 50/60HZ
Bulb watts3W x 2pcs
Radiation Wavelength253.7nm
UVC Intensity> 2000  mu W/cm
Timer15 minutes
Condition Temp.0 - 40 degree C



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