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Commercial 900 W 27 Liter (7.13 gal) ULTRASONIC CLEANER w/ HEATER HB-27MHT

Commercial 900 W 27 Liter (7.13 gal) ULTRASONIC CLEANER w/ HEATER HB-27MHT

Price: $709.00
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Detailed Description
This brand new Large Commercial Grade Powerful Ultrasonic Cleaner has 10 sets of powerful transducers, efficient heater and large tank capacity for superior cleaning results, making it great for professional cleaning. The timer and temperature controller in the ultrasonic cleaner to control the unit, according to the quantity and condition of the items to be cleaned to choose a working time and set a temperature. As a result, it is more convenient and the cleaning results are more remarkable!
  • Large tank -- Suitable for long and large items. Tank Size: 19.50" (L) x 11.50" (W) x 7.75" (H). Tank working Capacity: 27 Liter (7.13 gallon).
  • ALL STAINLESS Construction (body, tank, cover and mesh basket) -- Anti-Acid and Alkaline, resists damage from chemical spills.
  • 10 x strengthened transducers make the ultrasonic more powerful (42 KHz and 600 Watts ultrasonic cleaning power) and provides remarkable cleaning results.
  • Mechanical time control -- cleaning cycles ranging from 10 to 90 minutes--easy to operate.
  • Heater -- Powerful heater (300 watts) makes the temperature reach the presetting one quickly -- significantly enhance cleaning.
  • Heating and ultrasonic cleaning can work in the same time.
  • Mechanical temperature control with temperature ranging from 40 to 80 degree in Celsius (104 to 176 degree Fahrenheit).
  • Drains with flow control valve for easy cleaning and rinsing.
  • STAINLESS steel mesh Basket.
  • Circuit protector --- Protect the circuit to lengthen unit life.
  • Wet-proof PCB --- Good to be used in lab.
  • Some Industrial spare parts being adopted, allows its working in long time frame, and in dampness environment.
  • Three separable wires with ground wire -- Safe and convenient.
  • Quality Industry IC -- To be steady in unstable voltage condition.
  • Power Supply: AC 100-120V 60 HZ.
  • Outside Dimension: 21.65" (L) x 12.99" (W) x 14.17" (H).
  • Include detailed operation guide.
  • Brand new in factory sealed box shipped in a packing box for protection.

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